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Big Bend National Park by Avian Rojas (Age: 12)

When I went to Big Bend National park it was so much fun. When we got there we stared to set the tent up and stared unpacking. But the day before that we went very late so we had to stay at another camp near it. I was very scared something will go wrong. We stayed over night at the other camp we went back in the morning.

So after we set up camp we went to go swimming in a river. The river was near a small mountain you had to climb. But when we went down it was hot so we were excited to swim. We did not see a river so we had to go up the mountain. It was very hot that day I felt like I was melting like a popsicle

We found another place to swim in was in a flat land with a river. There was a hot tub and a normal pool both of with were small. When we went back we ate hot dogs and played Frisbee. The next day we went to souvenir shop and there was a mountain that you can see off. I was pretty cool and the was nice we even walled down and up the mountain to get different views. The trip to Big Bend National Park.

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