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B the Bear by Avian Rojas (Age: 10)

B is a bear with brown and black fur. He lives in Beary Town with his brown bear mom and his black bear dad. Everyone at school hates B because of his fur. He wants friends but no one wants to be his friend. B only has one friend, which is cat, but he rarely sees him. All he wants is to have friends.

B switch schools when he went to another grade. He went to Black Bear Intermediate. He was ready to switch because he wanted to become a new person. B mostly did his  homework and read. He likes the enjoyment of reading. When B was in the library, he found a book he liked. It was about this kid scared of everything but after awhile he started building confidence and he wasn't scared any more.

He got inspiration off that book. B changed.  He stared to do things he normally wouldn't do. He liked doing things he didn't normally do. After a while he felt confident enough to turn a new leaf. Soon everyone liked him . Everyone apologize to him for being so rude. And he had the friends he wanted.

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