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Arctic Wolves by Avian Rojas, Kebek McClintock and Malek Rashad

Arctic Wolves live near the northern edge of North American. They also live near the Eastern and Northern shores of Greenland. It is extremely cold where they live which is why they take the name Arctic Wolves ( There is a lot of grass, but it’s covered in snow for most of the year. The sun stays up for three months during the summer and doesn’t rise for three months during the winter. The temperature during ranges between 37 – 54 F. in the summer. The average temperature in the winter is -37 F. (

The Arctic Wolf’s fur is white so they can blend into the snow. Their coats are very thick to keep them warm. They have pointy ears and dark, black eyes. Their ears and muscles are smaller than other wolves. Arctic wolves can live seven to ten years. They can live up to twenty years in captivity ( Mother wolves can give birth to up to three puppies in late May. The puppies will cuddle together in a cave to stay warm. A wolf will stay behind to babysit the puppies while the other wolves hunt. The babysitter will teach the puppy how to stay strong, how to hunt, and how to be a wolf. Wolves will leave their pack when they are a year old. They will live either alone or in a pack of six wolves.

Musk Oxen is the main prey of the Arctic Wolf. They will also consume ptarmigan, lemmings, nesting birds, seals, Peary caribou, Arctic foxes and hares ( The wolves hunt in a pack. The Alpha male and Alpha female eat first. No one else can eat until they are done eating. At least one adult would bring the puppies food. Arctic wolves work together like a human family.

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