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Age Restrictions on Video Games by Avian Rojas (Age: 12)

Age restrictions should be lowered for some video games and raised for other video games. The bloody and more scary games should have higher age restrictions so little kids won't be scared or get violent. There should be time limits for video games so kids don't play for a long time. The video games age restriction won't be so low that kids won't be able to play all there favorite games. Scary games like Phasmaphobia or Call of Duty's zombie mode would have higher age restrictions and a time limit that a player can set for the game that they are playing.

The time limit would change how kids behave to the games that there are playing by letting them have breaks after the games so they don't get mad as much. Kids will get less violent when playing games because of the break they get. The time limit in certain games will teach them when to do there chores and help clean. The more scary games should have a higher age restriction and have a balanced time limit that won't be to much but not to little of play time.

These changes will help kids understand that they can do something else other

than video games. It also lets kids spend more time with there family and become more social. A time limit will help them understand that games have limits and you can not play it all the time. Some scary games should have a higher age restriction and a lower time limit. If they want to play the game there will be two options. First, players will verify their age and play the game. Second, if players play the game and they don't like it they can't blame it on the game. Video games should have age restrictions and time limits. The time limit will help kids be more calm and relaxed. Age restrictions will help kids understand that not all games should be for kids. This will bring more balance to the games and it will help kids know that games should not be played very frequent. It will also help them be more active and social in the world.

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