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A Mysterious Problem by Dylan Murrell (Age: 15)

Doctor Frankenstein and his monster have been stealing lots of bodies from the local cemeteries. Sheriff John Marston has started investigating the disappearing bodies. “The bodies are most likely at Frankenstein's castle” says Sheriff John Marston. He further explains, “Probably to do experiments on the bodies and test all of his new theories involving a monster he supposedly created by using parts of all the bodies.” Townsfolk are very uneasy and uncomfortable with all the bodies going missing.

The monster has been sighted roaming around the town. The local baker of the dream pies bakery said that “The monster had tried to get into his building to get bread”. He has also been to the graveyard and the castle says the sheriff.

Sheriff John Marston says “We have done a full scale investigation of the cemeteries and Frankenstein's castle in which we found results for what has been happening”. When we did our investigation we found lots of holes in the graves and the bodies missing so it appears the townsfolk could be right. Except when we went to investigate Frankenstein's castle he wouldn't let us in to look inside but we smelled a rotten smell of bodies and heard groans. We believe the groans could belong to his monster that he could have created with the bodies. When we heard the noises Dr. Frankenstein said “The noises are none of your business you nosey reporter”.

The monster is very tall, green skinned, wears a black suit, black pants, and big black boots. He also has a metal bolt driven through its neck. It is said that the monster is highly dangerous and extremely strong at that. The townsfolk have also said they have seen a large person like monster coming out of the castle and it walks around the town frightening everyone. It normally ends up going to the graveyard and back to his castle carrying lots of bodies that he took from the castle.

We believe that Dr. Frankenstein has been using the bodies to make that monster and conduct his experiments. Dr. Frankenstein has been locked away in his castle ever since we started investigating and he only sends out his monster to do his bidding. We will be concluding our investigation of Dr. Frankenstein and the graveyards missing bodies. What we have discovered is that Frankenstein has indeed been stealing bodies and using them to make his monster and conduct experiments on. We have no answers as to what he will do with any leftover bodies that he stole if there is any.

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