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A Mysterious Grave Robber Is Taking Out Graves! By: Owen Blare (Age: 10)

We just got news of a mysterious person lurking in grave yards and taking body parts from graves. We cannot locate him because he is wearing a hood in all of our surveillance footage. We suggest you stay out of his way. He is said to be carrying a weapon. The authorities don’t know what this weapon could be. They say that it looks like a sword of some sort.

Again: Do not get into his way!

Authorities know he lives somewhere up on a hill but can’t find that hill. We suggest getting a burglar system installed close to your house, or even a trap (go to page 5 for setting up traps).

The Authorities think he might be making some sort of monster but they are still in the dark on what he is doing. We ask that you travel in groups so you don’t get ambushed. Also we ask that you bring some sort of weapon with you, such as a knife or even a small hand gun (handgun sizes that are allowed are on page 4). We also ask that you don’t carry very valuable things such as chains and rings. We still don’t know what he is after. We also ask you don’t carry heavy things when in small and unknown towns. This could potentially make a difference between life and death. We did ask you to carry a weapon but we also ask that you don’t fire at any mysterious figures, could they come at you just take out your phone, find a hiding place and call the police. (Find how close police are to your area on page 6).

We know that these are a lot of rules to follow and we only wish that you keep safe from any possible threats. This figure has left sightings all over the country. He has pointy hair and it looks like he has goggles. We ask that you stay out of his way for your safety and other peoples safety. The police station has informed us that he was just not sighted in New York. So we ask that you watch out. No need to worry, he hasn’t hurt anyone yet and we hope that it will never come down to it.

This is your news reporter, wanting you to be safe. We also have pictures of his robberies. Stay safe!

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