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Course Material Policy

Academic Warriors does not provide textbooks and workbooks for any given course. Parents will be informed of the course materials needed for the class and will be charged for them along with their tuition. Academic Warriors will order the textbooks and workbooks for the student. These items will be delivered to the students' home by the UPS, FedEX or USPS. Academic Warriors reserves the right to reschedule the class should the student not have the necessary materials for that day.  

Academic Warriors works with the ESA program in Arizona.

We are not accredited. Our teachers will never give grades for any work completed by the student. Parents have the option to obtain a certificate of completion for any course or program their child is involved in. We do not guarantee any of the courses or completion of our courses are certifiable or transferable in your state. We do offer a transcript should you need one for your student(s).

All classes are one hour long with the following structure. 

1) Review of Homework or Project 

2) Instructional Period

3) Activity

4) Homework Assigned

Courses and Sessions

All courses on our website list the number of sessions with educational content that is taught within that course. We understand that some students may need more time to master the content that is being taught to them. This means we may need to add more sessions to the course than is listed. Our principal will contact the parent if the educator feels the student many need more class sessions than is listed.  

Young Authors

Students who have not completed an entire course within the Young Authors program will not be allowed to have any of the work they have turned in published.  

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Students who are in our Kindergarten to 2nd grade classes only attend class for 30 minutes at a time. Parents may have to use Basecamp in order to turn in and download work for their student. 


Academic Warriors is as year round school. As such, parents understand that students shall be given designated breaks in between academic quarters. Students may be given work to complete while they are on break. There will not be any makeup sessions for missing class time during an academic break. Please refer to the school calendar as to when these breaks occur.


Parents understand that the will still be expected to pay their child(ren) full monthly tuition even if there is a break in that month.  They also understand while the students may not be in the class with their teachers, the teacher and principal are still working. Students and teachers may communicate with each other during the break via Basecamp. Parents will not stop a teacher nor their student from doing so. 

Makeup Classes

Should the student or the teacher miss a class, the teacher and parent will work together to reschedule the class during the week or the following week. If a good day and time cannot be settled during those times the teacher has the option to schedule a makeup class during the most recent academic break.  

Homework/Assignment Policy

Parents and Students are responsible to make certain all homework assignments have been completed before the next class session in a multisession class has been scheduled. Students are held responsible for completing in class assignments. We retain the right to reschedule the class if assignments have not been completed beforehand or if the learner refuses to complete in class assignments. 

Students must take pictures of any hands-on assignments or projects they have been given. These pictures are to be upload into the correct folder.

How To Complete and Turn in Homework

1) Open Basecamp.

2) Check the To-Do List to find out what homework assignments are due and when. The schedule portion of Basecamp will list these in order of when they are due.

3) Visit the Docs and Files portion on Basecamp and open the correct subject folder. 

4) Download any instructions and/or worksheets you may need. 

5) Complete your homework.

6) Open Docs and Files. Find the correct folder and click on it. 

7) Press New on the upper left hand corner.

8) Upload your homework into the folder. 

9) Click notify everyone. 

Behavior Policy

Academic Warriors has a strict discipline policy. Our teachers will do their best to help your child learn in a positive manner. We understand sometimes a child's behavior can be an ongoing problem.


Parents have a responsibility to ensure their children will adhere to the school's behavior policy.

Teachers will refer a student to our principal when this occurs. Our principal will talk to the parent and the student to determine if discipline is needed. Our discipline procedures are as follows:

1) Warning

2) Suspended for two days. 

3) Suspended for a week.

4) The student is banned from taking classes, programs and or private school from our site. 

Parents will be responsible for payments while their child(ren) are suspended. The student(s) will have to make up the class with their teacher(s). Parents will always be informed when their child(ren) have disrupted class. 

Tardy Policy 

Please inform us if your student will be more than ten minutes late to class. Our instructors will only wait ten minutes inside the classroom before they leave the classroom. The class will be rescheduled if the learner does not arrive in the classroom prior to the ten minute period and we have not been notified from the parents or students concerning the late arrival.

Cancellation Policy

Paying Monthly

When parents pay for a month's worth of classes they are agreeing to give our teachers thirty days to evaluate and work with the students. At the completion of the thirty days, parents have the option to continue or discontinue with classes. No refunds shall be given during the thirty days if the child does not show up to the class because the teachers were not given the chance to evaluate and work with the student. 


Paying Biweekly and Weekly:

Parents can cancel three weeks before the class session begins in order to receive a refund for that week. If for some reason the parents must cancel the class session after the cancellation period has expired then we will reschedule the class. Should the parents cancel a class session in a multiple session class they will be offered the option to reschedule that session instead of a refund. When a class is scheduled and the student is a no show that is time that could have spent with another student. 

Withdrawing Your Student

Parents who desire to withdraw their student from any course, program, or our private school must give Academic Warriors 30 days notice of their intent. They must pay for services during the month they give their intention. Academic Warriors will stop invoicing them the following month.  


Parents understand that their child(ren)'s teacher will inform the child that their parent had withdrawn them from the class(es) and they should stop any work that will be due after their last class. The teacher(s) will do this via Basecamp, text and in class. 

Students will be immediately removed from Basecamp, Classcraft and any other Academic Warriors online programs the last day of their classes. Should the withdraw occur during a break the student will be removed from the programs immediately.

Refund Policy

General Policy:

Parents will not be refunded for classes in which their students or the student disrupts the classroom and or delivery of instruction. If parents pay for a class(es) but then cancels the class during the cancellation period they will be given a refund. We will reschedule your class(es) session(s) if a scheduling conflict occurs. If the teacher is unavailable to teach after the class(es) has been scheduled we will reschedule the class(es). If a student is taking a multiple session course but they do not wish to continue they must email Academic Warriors at stating they are cancelling their coursework when their next payment is due. 

Academic Warriors does not offer full refunds due to the hours our teachers spend preparing for the lessons and the materials it cost for the course among other expenses. All tuition and fees are fully earned when due or paid.


The yearly registration fee is non-refundable.  

When a refund is going to be issued the parents will have to wait 30 days before the refund is issued. A refund shall be issued in several payments due the financial obligations of the school.


Academic Warriors charges $40 per hour. All textbook for the courses are provided by Academic Warriors. Parents also receive free educational consultations from our principal. 

Yearly Registration Fee

Parents are expected to pay a $25 yearly registration fee. This fee will last for the entire year. A student will not be allowed to attend a class until the yearly registration fee has been paid in full.

Parent or Student Complaints 

All inquiries, complains and concerns positive or negative shall be submitted via customer feedback form on the website. An administrator will review the complaint with the parents/students and the educator. The administrator will do the best they can to bring a satisfactory resolution for parents, students and instructors.

Our Policies

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