The Personal Development program is designed to help high school students develop the skills they need in order to focus better and think more clearly which will help them to make better decisions. This in turn will help them to acquire better time management skills. 

The Academic Warriors Personal Development program is conducted by certified holistic health and life coach, Delfin Espinosa. The program is personalized to meet the learning needs of the student. All lessons are conducted via phone so the student isn't nervous about being on camera. 

Students enrolled in the Personal Development program will receive twelve personalized coaching sessions with Delfin focusing on a specific personal development skill. Each session last 45 - 60 minutes. At the conclusion of the twelve weeks, should the student need more instructional time with Delfin, parents can renew the program with the same personal development skill or with a new one.


$160 per month

Program Length

12 weeks or 3 months


Classes meet weekly via the phone.

Students will be given the instructor's phone number in Basecamp

Meeting times are flexible as long as the student and teacher agrees.