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People Everywhere

$160 per month

 1 session per week


Allison Bruning 


Social Studies


6 - 8 years old




Session 1:My Family


Students will learn how people in a family help each other and learn together.

Students will draw a picture of their family and describe who is in their family.

Students will describe what they like to do with their family.  

Students will learn the months of the year and how to read a calendar.

Students will identify important family holidays. 


Ask your parents to share with you a family story. Be ready to share your story with the class in the next session. 

Session 2: Helpful Hands


Students will learn what a job is and identify the different types of jobs they have at home.

The class will "The Saturday Escape" by Daniel J. Mahoney and discuss the story elements. 

Students will discuss how they can be helpful and caring in their homes.

Students will learn what a chore chart is and how to use it. 


Create a chore chart and follow it for a week. 

Session 3: Leaders and Rulers


Students will describe what a good leader does. 

Students will understand what rules are and why they are important.  

Students will create a list of rules they should follow when in class. 

Students will learn what a map is, how to use it and how to read a map key.


Create a list of rules for your home. 

Session 4: A Community


Students will learn what a community is. 

Students will describe why volunteers and helpers are important to a community.  

Students will identify the different jobs in a community that help other people. 

Students will understand the important of different places in a community such as church, library and hospital.

Students will learn how firefighters are important to the community.


Draw a picture of a community helper. Cut and paste the helper to a stick. Have your puppet talk about its work in the community to the class in the next session.  

Session 5: Moving to New Homes


Students will identify the many reasons why people move to new homes. 

Students will learn the meaning of the terms country and immigrant.  

Students will understand how communities learn new things when new people join their community. 

Students will create a poster to welcome a new person to their community

Students will compare how people moved in history with wagon trains to how people move today. 



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