Academic Warriors and PenPal Schools have teamed together to bring interesting project based learning to our students. Each learning opportunity grants our students the opportunity to communicate with students from around the world. So how is this possible? Check out the video below to learn more. 

PenPal Schools explores a wide variety of topics including science, history, languages, current events and more. Not all of our classes participate in Pen Pal Schools. Your child's teacher will let you know if they have a topic of discussion their class will be participating in. So how does PenPal Schools work at Academic Warriors?

1) The teacher will choose a topic of discussion that is relevant to the topic being studied and set up a virtual classroom in PenPal Schools. 

2) The teacher will send your student an invite to participate in his or her classroom. 

3) The teacher will introduce the topic of discussion to the student and the class will choose which project they will want to complete at the end of their study. Please note, students do need to complete the project they have chosen at the end of their PenPal Schools topical discussion. 

4) Students will complete three to five different discussions within the topic the class is studying. These discussions may last for longer than the student expects due to the depth of the conversation and how long it may take for the student in another place to reply back. Students may not move onto a new portion of the topic without the teacher's approval. 

5) Students shall complete the project at the end of all their discussions with their pen pals. 

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