Parent Information

Academic Warriors offers personalized,

live, online classes for all ages.

Our staff can assess the learner's level for each subject and build a class to fit their individual needs. Each class is scheduled according to the parent and teacher's availability. Please see the class listings under the Online Classes tab on the menu bar. 


We are able to teach a Christian based curriculum in our courses. Our instructors are able to modify instructional delivery techniques to fit your learner's needs. Please let us know if you need any modifications. 

Students receive certificates of completions after finishing each course. We can give students grades upon a parent/student request. Please let us know if you need the educator to give a grade. 


Classes are $30 per class session per person. A class session consist of 40 - 60 minutes depending upon the size of the class and the material needed to be covered. Parents are given a progress report after each class. For example, a 12 week course would be $360. Financial Aid is available.  Payment is due before the first day of class. 

Programs and private school payments are paid on a monthly basis.


We can work with you on a weekly, semi-weekly or monthly payment plan for all courses, private school and programs.

Parents/Students must pay for one day classes or the first day of a multisession class on the day of booking. They are billed a week before the next class session begins and payment must be made in full three days prior to each class session in multisession classes. Parents and Students may have the option to pay in advance for multiple sessions. 


Academic Warriors offers flex and fixed scheduling. Flex scheduling allows parents and students to schedule a class that fits the teacher and student's scheduling needs. Parents and Students who desire to open their time slots for more students to enroll may do so at time of enrollment. These classes will be listed on the Class Availability Page.



New users must register before they enroll in a class. 

Parent Requests

Parents may request new class topics via the Contact Us form.  


Academic Warriors utilizes Zoom for all our online classes. Parents and Students will be provided with an email that will allow them to enter into the classroom. Users must keep their Zoom up to date. Students will use a webcam and microphone while in class. Due to many variables beyond our control there may be times where the internet connection is not as great. This is a normal event with online meetings and is not unique to Academic Warriors. Our educators have worked with many other online educational programs and internet connectivity problems has happened on every site. Many times simply logging out and logging back in will fix the problem.



Academic Warriors uses Classcraft for all of our short and long classes. We do not use it for our one time only classes.

First time enrolled students will be given an email invitation to join the site. The student needs to create their character before their first class begins. Parents will also receive an email invite for their own account so that they may watch their student's progress. Students who are enrolled in more than one course do not have to create another avatar. Our teachers are connected with each other's account so we can share students. Parents and students may learn more about ClassCraft from our parent letter. 

Teacher Communication

Academic Warriors highly encourages parents to communicate with their student(s)' teacher(s). Please communicate with the teacher via your Classcraft account. If you child(ren) hasn't started classes you can communicate with the teacher via

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