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Meet Our Founder


Academic Warriors was founded by Allison Bruning to serve the academic needs of gifted and homeschooled students. Mrs. Bruning has been an educator for more than twenty years in private and public educational systems. 

"I started Academic Warriors because I noticed a need in the gifted education community. A majority of our gifted youth will never reach their full potential because educators and parents don't have the resources they need in order to fully understand these kids. If the gifted learner was allowed the opportunity to explore their abilities in their own unique way they would thrive," Allison Bruning explained. 


What began as a mission to transform the gifted community later merged into the homeschool and roadschooling communities. "I had worked in a private school for the gifted and then started my private school for the gifted the following school year in Indianapolis. I came to realize that there are many parents who homeschool their children due to a variety of reasons. I conducted research in this area and found many homeschool and roadschool (families who fulltime RV and teach their kids) do not have the resources they need to fully understand their child's academic problems. I decided to create Academic Warriors with the intention to serve both the gifted and homeschool communities."

Mrs. Bruning holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Theater Arts. She has been on five archeological and one paleontological digs. The accomplished educator also holds at MFA in Creative Writing. She started her PhD in Special Education but postponed it in order to open Academic Warriors. "My hope is to finish my PhD in Special Education someday so I can continue helping special needs students at a higher level," said Allison Bruning. 

The founder of Academic Warriors takes an active role in helping all the students at the school. She works closely with parents and teachers in order to provide a personalized learning plan for every students. "I love helping special needs students and their families. I never wanted to become a principal who only does administration work. That's why I also teach classes at Academic Warriors," explained Allison Bruning. 

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