King Tut -

The Mystery of The Boy Pharaoh and His Famous Tomb 

$30 for 1 week


Alisha Schilbe




10 - 16  years old



In this live lecture class students will learn about Tutankhamun, the boy Pharaoh who ruled Egypt. Students will study his life, and reign, and briefly explore how a mummy is made. Students will then learn about the search and discovery of King Tut's tomb. They will learn who discovered it, how they searched for it, and why it took so long to be discovered. Students will then explore the tomb through pictures and video and talk about the artifacts that were discovered. Students will also learn why the tomb of King Tut is historically significant and how scientists and archaeologists have used King Tut's mummy to solve the mysteries and myths of Tutankhamun's life and death. This class is great for anyone interested in ancient Egypt or would love to learn more about King Tut. 

King Tut 

The Mystery of

The Boy Pharaoh and

His Famous Tomb 

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