Just the Facts, Please

Just the Facts, Please

$160 per month

 1 session per week


Allison Bruning 



Student's informative essays and videos will be published on the Academic Warriors blog. 




10 - 14 years old




Session 1: Introduction to Informational Writing


What is informative writing? Students will learn how informative writing differs from persuasive, argumentative and narrative writing. We'll take a look a different types of informative writing and how they are used in the media. Students will be introduced to the research process and the research projects they will be conducting throughout the course.

Session 2: Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasts


Students will examine blogs, vlogs and podcasts. We'll compare and contrast blogging, vlogging and podcasts. We'll learn how to create a blog post and what makes a great informative blog. Students will brainstorm for their blog topic.

HOMEWORK: Students will create a blog post on a topic of interest then email it to abruning@academicwarriors with two free commercial use images. Their blog post should be between 300 - 750 words. It will be published on the Academic Warriors blog.

Session 3: Newspapers and Magazines


Students will present their blog postings to the class. Students will learn what it's like being a news reporter for a newspaper. We will examine different types of articles in online newspapers and magazines. Students will learn how to ask and answer who, what, when, where, why and how. We'll learn about facts, opinions and bias. We'll learn how to write a news report with a headline and byline.

HOMEWORK: Find something interesting that has happened in your community, write a news report about it and email it abruning@academicwarriors.com. Your news report will be featured on the Academic Warriors blog.

Session 4: In the News


Students will take a virtual tour of a newsroom and hear interviews of people who work in them. Students will learn how to create a brief news report that would be given on their local news or online. We will practice writing a news report in class.


Write a brief news report about something that has happened in your community and email it abruning@academicwarriors.com. Your news report will be featured on the Academic Warriors blog.

Session 5: Newsletters

Students will learn how to create, manage and distribute newsletters to their readers. They will learn the resources to use in creating a newsletter either in print or online. Students will create their own newsletter in class.

Session 6: Featured Faculty

A features article gives students the opportunity to use both the descriptive and narrative skills of a personal essay, and the explanatory skills of an informational piece.
Students will choose a faculty or staff member to write a feature article about (any teacher, the principal, or the vice principal).
Students will brainstorm questions they’d like to ask the person they chose (always being respectful and mindful of what is being asked).
Students will send the questions to the chosen person for them to answer and return.

Using the answers to your questions, write a featured article about your person. Include any personal details or experiences you may have had with this person as well. Load your article to Basecamp. Your featured article will be featured on the Academic Warriors blog.