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Subject: Handwriting

Title: Happy Handwriting

Teacher: Allison Bruning

Ages: 4 - 8

$160 per month

 1 session per week


Subject: Cursive

Title: Delightful Cursive

Teachers: Allison Bruning 

Ages: 8 - 11

$160 per month

 1 session per week

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Our Handwriting, Cursive and Typing Courses


Each course is personalized to the needs of the student. The lessons in each program are written for students grades K - 5 but can be adapted to older students who may require the additional support. A Learning Plan will be established for the student one the parent has enrolled their child in the course. Academic Warriors uses Learning Without Tears for the text for each course. Students may be required to practice their new skills outside of the classroom. 

Welcome to our handwriting, cursive and typing courses page. Each course listed is live with a teacher. Courses are broken down into 1hr sessions unless it is a one-time course via Zoom. Registered students will receive an introductory email with the Zoom link, course materials, course description, time, date and Classcraft codes prior to the first class session. Please be sure your student has all required materials and finished assignments before attending their session. Students registered in short and long term classes will need to set up their Classcraft account before the first session. You may not have to do this if the student has already been in a short or long term class at Academic Warriors. 

How To Enroll 

Step 1 - Register your student(s) with Academic Warriors. Please skip to step 2 if you have already registered your student.

Step 2 - Enroll your student in the course. 

Step 3 - Pay the PayPal invoice sent to you by our company. 

Step 4 - Print off course material and have any supplies ready that the student may require. 



Subject: Keyboarding

Title: Can Do Keyboarding

Teachers: Allison Bruning 

Ages: 4 - 11

$160 per month

 1 session per week




and Typing

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