Academic Warriors works closely local organizations such as city, county, state and national parks; museums; libraries and cultural centers to present writing workshops. These writing workshops teach students how to use the writing process in order to write a short story, children's book or novel. Each program is specifically created with the host organization in order to present a unique program for all students. Students may have the opportunity to have their creative writing published. Our events are open to all students ages 8 - 18. Students do not have to have autism, special needs or gifted. 

Arts in the Parks


Camp Write Right


Upcoming Events

The events listed below are currently accepting participant applications. Please fill out the application if you are interested in your child attending one of the events. If you are interested in your child attending one of the Arts in the Parks or Camp Write Right workshops but there isn't a local event listed below please contact Allison Bruning at Our principal will gladly try to bring our programming to your local community. 

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