Session #:Elementary  Beginning Spanish
Hand-outs and visual aids will be provided online.
Students will use the “Krashen & Terrell Natural Approach” to begin speaking Spanish right away!  With techniques such as “Total Physical Response” (learning through movement and commands) and “Proficiency Through Reading and Story Telling”, students will adapt comprehensible input by listening and giving appropriate responses to visual aids.  This will free the student from rote memorization and grammar stressors that often discourage language learning. The ultimate goal is to give students the confidence to describe the world around them.

Assignments will be given on BaseCamp. Students will have 4-8 assignments per week.

Session #1 – Colors
Students will become familiar with the color names in Spanish.  This information will be the basis for several of the following lessons.  Some discussion will be given on pronunciation differences between the languages.

Session #2 – Shapes
Learn the shapes in Spanish and use them to describe objects around us. A lesson on masculine and feminine nouns shows us how these may effect spelling and pronunciation of the colors.  

Session #3 – Fruits
Everyone loves to eat!  Learn the names of your favorite fruits and describe them using Spanish colors and shapes.

Session #4 – Vegetables
Continuing with food, students will learn the names of vegetables and describe them using Spanish colors and shapes.

Session #5 – Animals
Learn the names of animals and begin to talk about them using our color words and describe what they eat using our food words.  

Session #6 – Clothing
Students will move on to use their color words to describe different articles of clothing.  Clothing vocabulary will be added, and once we outfit our animals with clothes, we are really beginning  to describe things!
Session #7 – Numbers
Now we can begin to count all the things around us!  We will study numbers 1-20 and use them in several exercises. 

Session #8 – Family
Now that our animals are clothed and fed, we can talk about the family relationships they have, count their siblings, cousins, pets, etc.
Session #9 -Telling Time
Our Animal Family is on a schedule!  Learn what time they do things and where they go throughout the day.
Session #10 – Emotions
How is are animal family feeling?  What do you ask to find out?


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