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Teaching On Other Sites

Educators are allowed to teach on other educational sites but cannot use courses they have listed on the Academic Warriors website without our consent.


Educators should have at least a Bachelor's degree within the content area they desire to teach in. We would prefer our teachers have teacher certifications. Please provide proof of you highest degree and your teaching certificate (if you have one) to when you apply.

Background Checks

Educators will be required to have a background check before they are interviewed for a position. 

Course Listing

Educators should email with all new course listings. Please provide the following information with each course listing. 

Subject (s)

Title of Course

Age Level

Overall Course Description 

Learning Objectives

Number of Sessions

Session Title

Session Description 

-materials needed



Courses listed with Academic Warriors cannot be listed with any other educational site without our consent. 

Course Material Policy

Educators are required to provide Academic Warriors with any worksheets and worksheets for each class they teach. Academic Warriors will include all supplemental material necessary for the class in the introductory email. Educators may use educational YouTube videos from educational sources, such as those from TedED and Shmoop, to supplement their content delivery. Please be certain the students do not view advertising while watching the videos. Educators may also take the students on field trips via the Zoom app on their devices as long as the information gleaned on the field trip related to course content objectives. Please contact us at should you have any questions.


The educator retains the right to reschedule a class should the student(s) not have the necessary course materials. 

Educators shall use ClassCraft for behavior management in all short and long term classes. ClassCraft will not be used for one time classes. 

Homework/Assignment Policy

Parents and Students are responsible to make certain all homework assignments have been completed before the next class session in a multisession class has been scheduled. Students are held responsible for completing in class assignments. Educators retain the right to reschedule the class if assignments have not been completed beforehand or if the learner refuses to complete in class assignments. All class assignments shall be uploaded to the Quest feature in ClassCraft. 


Course Management

Educators will provide a course description with learning objectives and brief summary of activities for each class session. Academic Warriors will post the class description along with enrollment options for each course. Academic Warriors offers fixed and flex scheduling. The educator is responsible for providing the dates and times they are available to teach the course.

Each session shall begin with The Riders of the Vay feature in ClassCraft and are used as transitions for each new topic within a session. Educators shall award gold pieces, take away HP and give XP at the end of class and before any transition. Educators may use other tools in ClassCraft for formative review, stopwatch, random student picker and timer. 

Educators shall use Zoom to schedule and hold class. They shall provide the link to the class to Academic Warriors after we have informed them that a student has enrolled in their course. 


Behavior Policy

Students are expected to comply with classroom rules posted on the Terms of Service page. Disruptive students will be warned twice. If the problematic behavior continues the student will be removed from the classroom. Educators must inform Academic Warriors whenever a student is disruptive. 

Educators shall use ClassCraft to set behavioral rules and monitor the student's behavior.

Tardy Policy 

Educators will only wait ten minutes inside the classroom before they leave the classroom. The class will be rescheduled if the learner does not arrive in the classroom prior to the ten minute period and we have not been notified from the parents or students concerning the late arrival. Academic Warriors will let the educator know if the parent has informed us if their child will be more than ten minutes late. 

Educators who will be late to class must inform Academic Warriors at

Cancellation Policy

Parents or students can cancel three days before the class session begins in order to receive a refund for that week. If for some reason the parents or students must cancel the class session after the cancellation period has expired then we will reschedule the class. Should the parents or students cancel a class session in a multiple session class they will be offered the option to reschedule that session in lieu of a refund.

Educators who have to cancel class must inform Academic Warriors at as soon as possible so that we may inform the parents. The educator must also provide us with alternative dates and times to make up the cancelled class. 

Payment Policy

Educators shall record the classes they have taught on the time sheet provided we provide to them. Academic Warriors will pay teachers on the 1st and 15th of the month.  Teachers are expected to teach in a group with no more than ten students at a time. Payment per hour is as follows.


1 Student - $20

2 Students - $30

3 Students - $35

4 Students - $40

5 Students - $45

6 Students - $50

7 Students - $55

8 Students - $60

9 Students - $65

10 Students - $70

Refund Policy

General Policy:

Parents or students will not be refunded for classes in which their students or the student disrupts the classroom and or delivery of instruction. If a parent or student pay for a class but then cancels the class during the cancellation period they will be given a full refund if the cancellation is based on circumstances beyond their control. We will reschedule your class session if a scheduling conflict occurs. If the teacher is unavailable to teach after the class has been scheduled we will reschedule the class. If a student is taking a multiple session class but they do not wish to continue they must email Academic Warriors at stating they are cancelling their coursework prior to paying for the upcoming session. No refunds will be made after a notice has been received a student is cancelling their coursework. 

Advance Payment:

Parents or students who have paid for an entire class in full and have withdrawn from the class before the class is over will receive the option to use those funds towards a different class or receive a refund for the sessions they have not attended. 

Parent or Student Complaints 

Parents or students who have complaints concerning the instruction or educator must fill out the customer feedback form on the website. An administrator will review the complaint with the parents/students and the educator. The administrator will do the best they can to bring a satisfactory resolution for parents, students and instructors.

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