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Highland Reign is a Scottish-American rock band from Indiana. The band has donated the lyrics of their songs to our English department students so they can study how to write a music video. 

Academic Warriors strives to provide positive educational experiences to gifted, autistic and special needs students throughout the world. You can help! Do you have talents, skills, resources or finances to help these children? You can donate them to Academic Warriors. Just fill out the form below our list of sponsors or donate to our Go Fund Me page.

Be a Superhero to our students.

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Nate Orlowek is a historian from the Washington DC area who believes John Wilkes Booth did not die at Garrett's Barn. Nate has donated his time for our Booth Truth Club students to interview him concerning his life as an historian and about his research concerning John Wilkes Booth. had been helping busy parents, professionals and families to become organized and productive. The website has graciously donated their resources so our students can learn how to become organized, productive and responsible members of society.

The Big History Project is an innovative world history curriculum that teaches high schoolers to think deductively while learning science, reading, writing and history. They have graciously donated their resources to Academic Warriors so we may use their curriculum with our middle and high school students.


Basecamp is a remote software company based in Chicago, Illinois. Trusted by millions, Basecamp puts everything you need to get work done in one place. By keeping everything in one central location, Basecamp helps both our students and teachers to stay orginized.

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