Allison Bruning

Allison Bruning is a certified elementary teacher from Texas. She has over fifteen years of teaching experience in private and public schools. 

Allison holds a BA in Theater Arts, MFA in Creative Writing, graduate research in reading and literacy education. She has also completed doctoral work in gifted education. Allison is also a trained archaeologist and historian. She has experience working with gifted students and those who are on the Autism Spectrum. Her passion is curriculum development, gifted education and special education. Her subjects of expertise are history, science, geography, social sciences, reading, writing and the arts. 

Allison and her husband, Delfin Espinosa, fulltime RV around the United States with their businesses, Big Bend Productions and Academic Warriors.  She is passionate about teaching. Her hobbies include writing, reading, hiking, camping and spending time with her family. Allison is a bestselling author of several novels, short stories, poetry, and children's books. 

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