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We understand every student has different educational needs. It is our goal to provide the best, personalized educational services so that every autistic, gifted and special needs child can grow academically. Academic Warriors provides the following educational options. 

Private School 

Students enrolled in our private school receive 9 - 15 hours per week of personalized instruction depending upon their grade level with a live teacher in math, science, language arts, reading, history and social studies.  All courses are tailored to fit the academic needs of the child no matter what grade level they are in.  For example, a sixth grader may take 4th grade reading, 3rd grade social studies, 3rd grade science, 6th grade math and 3rd grade language arts.

Students enrolled in our private school shall receive a tuition discount of $30 per hour. 


Parents are encouraged to fill out the Student Data Form, and email our principal a copy of their child's IEP if applicable, in order for our staff to better recommend to the parents the appropriate classes for the student. Students are sometimes given courses that are not available on the website. For more information please visit our private school page.  


Programs are set of courses that have been combined in order to provide students will more understanding of a topic than one courses may offer. Each program has a monthly membership fee that is due during the duration of the program. Parents may view the current programs that are available by visiting the program page. For more information about each program please click on the program you are interested in learning more about. We are in the process of adding more programs. 



Parents who are interested in having their child receive tutoring in any academic subject but does not want their child to take a course from our school can buy a tutoring session for $40 per hour. 

Please see our tutoring page for more information. 


Parents may enroll the child in any of our courses. We provide courses in all academic areas on all levels. To view all of courses please click on the level your child is in (early elementary, late elementary, middle and high school). Once on the academic level page please click the subject you are interested in. The new page will show you every course we currently have available in that subject.  If there is a course you would like your child to take but do not see it on our course listings please contact us. We will create the course for your child.  All of our courses are $40 per hour.  Please check back often as we constantly update our courses. 

All courses on our website list the number of sessions with educational content that is taught within that course. We understand that some students may need more time to master the content that is being taught to them. This means we may need to add more sessions to the course than is listed. Our principal will contact the parent if the educator feels the student many need more class sessions than is listed.  

Withdrawing Your Student

Parents who desire to withdraw their student from any course, program, or our private school must give Academic Warriors 30 days notice of their intent. They must pay for services during the month they give their intention. Academic Warriors will stop invoicing them the following month. 

Academic Warriors offers a variety of personalized,

live, online classes for all ages and learning styles.

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