Academic Warriors provides courses, tutoring, private school and programs for students throughout the world. We specialize in autistic, gifted and special needs education but do provide services to general population as well. We believe every student is a SUPERHERO. We teach our students never to give up. Keep trying and if you are having difficulties it is alright to ask an expert to help you. The students at Academic Warriors are strong, independent, smart and socialize well. We make certain to work on those key concepts with all our students.


Our personalized instructional methods allows students to learn the educational content in ways that fit their learning styles and educational needs. We work closely with parents and students to ensure academic content and skills are being actively acquired by the student. Academic Warriors does not charge extra for private classes. We understand that there are times when a student needs a private session with a teacher instead of participating in a group setting. All of our classes are delivered via Zoom videoconferencing with a live teacher. Students may contact their teacher outside the classroom using the Classcraft system. We also use Classcraft for homework assignments and behavioral modification during the class. 

We are constantly adding new courses and programs to our website. Please check back frequently. We also have a newsletter where you can keep up to date with what is going on at Academic Warriors. Academic Warriors also provides a closed Facebook group for all our parents, students and teachers to interact with each other. 

Please visit these pages learn more about our courses, tutoring, private school and programs.


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