Academic Warriors is an international 

online school that offers live classes from independent teachers to autistic, special needs and gifted students throughout the world. Our students are homeschooled, private and publicly educated.


We do not preschedule classes or programming. If a class is listed on this page then it means it already has a student enrolled. We work with parents to schedule the course their child is interested in taking according to the student's schedule. 

Please view our list of courses and follow the enrollment instructions.   You can email should you have any questions.

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The map above shows the countries in which we have offered our services in. We are not limited to just these countries. We love adding more countries to our list of places where our students reside. 

All of our courses are listed in the Central Times Zone (USA) because our headquarters are located in Texas. 

We have provided time charts below showing the differences between Central Time Zone (USA) and the countries we are currently serving in. Note: We have not added the other Australian time zones to this chart.


Academic Warriors utilizes World Time Buddy to convert meeting times. 

All live classes are delivered via Zoom. We do not prerecord our classes. All classes are personalized to fit the learning styles and needs of the student. 

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